Celebrating the Good News About Jesus!

Jesus gives us the most amazing reason to party.
That's why we believe the Gospel of Jesus is the best news ever.
Celebrate the good news of Jesus!

A fun-filled summer that impacts kids, volunteers, and parents in your community.

Kids are reminded of the reasons why Jesus is good news.
He gives us
Friendship  |  Belonging  |  Forgiveness  |  Abundant Life  |  Purpose

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Worship Together

Each day begins and concludes with a large gathering where we engage in singing, dancing, playing, and delve into the day's Bible theme and message.
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Explore creative craft concepts tailored for both younger and older elementary children, ensuring their engagement through interactive, hands-on activities.
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Children absorb knowledge more effectively when they can actively participate, and each day during VBS, we'll offer a variety of games to foster laughter and promote physical well-being.
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Bible Teaching

Every day at VBS focuses on a distinct Bible point and lesson, conveyed through engaging and effective techniques such as interactive Bible story enactment, object lessons, and other dynamic methods.
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Children will get the chance to apply what they're learning daily through participation in service projects.


Adults of all age levels are needed to get to know the kids, share God's love, and lead them to and through fun activities. Sign up for all 4 days or just one evening.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Start the Party?

A day camp type experience full of lots of fun, excitement, and Jesus! It is from June 17th - June 20th | 6:30pm - 8:30pm

How much does it cost to attend Start the Party?

The registration cost is $00.00 per child and only $0.00 per sibling. The sibling must be from the same household.

Can I attend VBS with my child?

No, though you may sign up to volunteer if you are a member of Community Baptist Church.

Will my child need to bring money for food or merchandise?

No. There will not be anything available to purchase on site.

Can my child bring their tablet/game system/etc?

No. Please refrain from bringing electronic devices.

What should my child wear?

Comfortable, weather-appropriate clothes that can be played in, and sneakers or sandals made for playing in (no flip-flops, please).

Will you provide snacks and drinks for my child while they are attending Start the Party VBS?

Yes! Drinks and snacks are provided.

Can my child bring their own food?

Please do not bring your own food unless you have special dietary needs.

How do I check my child into VBS?

Check-in tables will be available at the front entrance of the church on the first day. We’ll give you instructions from there. Please make sure to register online prior to attending the event.

Can my child’s grandma/friend/uncle/etc. check them out of VBS?

Yes, however, the person picking up the child must be the same person dropping off the child. If there is a change to that please notify staff.